Galvanised Stock Fence ~ L8/80/15 ~ 0.8m x 50m 2.5mm/2mm wire

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L8/80/15 stock fencing is a cost-effective agricultural fencing for lambs, pigs, livestock and gardens. Similar to C8/80/15 stock fence, this galvanised wire netting is exactly the same but is made with 2.5mm top and bottom wires and 2mm intermediate and stay wires.

To protect from rust, the steel mesh is hot-dipped galvanised which coats the steel wire netting with a layer of zinc during the galvanisation process. Please be aware that a lot of online retailers sell this L8/80/15 stock fencing under the code of C8/80/15 which is incorrect according to the British Standard. The wires for C8/80/15 need to be 3mm/2.5mm. Just be warned so you can check that you are getting the product you think you are!

L8/80/15 Specification:

  • Product code: L8/80/15
  • Rolls Size: 0.8m x 50m
  • 8 horizontal wires (Approx 100mm vertical mesh aperture)
  • 150mm between vertical stay wire

Typical applications include:

  • Garden boundary and border fencing
  • Fences for pets, small animals, pigs and lambs
  • Farmland and agricultural fencing

L8/80/15 is installed by nailing to wooden posts of a suitable thickness and height. Anchor posts and corner posts should be extra thick and used to tension the fencing by straining tensioning line wire. The stock fencing netting should be connected the the fencing line wire using hog ring clips. Line wire keeps the fencing taut, strained and under tension which stops the fence from sagging or being damaged by animal impacts. Where livestock are likely to push downwards on the top of the fence or the line wire, then barbed wire should also be installed.

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