Tornado Wire 50M Rolls of HT12/107/8 High Tensile Equine Horse Netting Fencing

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Tornado Wire 50 Meter Roll of HT12/107/8 High Tensile Equine Horse Netting Fencing
HT12/107/8 Is a cost effective fence which can be used in conjunction with post and rail or tornado's centaur range. The closely spread verticle wires help prevent damage to hooves as they cant get stuck in the fence. Horse fencing often has to play a multi functional role, not only securely containing your horse but also to deter domestic animals such as dogs from entering paddocks. It's the most widely used specification of high tensile equine fence. Tornado HT fencing is manufactured with high tensile wire which can be strained tighter than mild steel and so requires fewer intermediate posts and also it's quicker to erect. It does not stretch with weathering so does not need to be re tightened annually. 

A straining post is required at every major change in direction or any termination and should be supported by a strut or box assembly. 
Netting should be tied off on the straining posts by hand or with suitable joiners.
When tensioning the fence the crimp in the net should be reduced by around 50%.
Avoid driving staples tight against the wire as this will damage the galvanised coating.
Additional line wire can be added to the top of the fence if required.
All Tornado wire products are 100% recyclable.
Compliant with BSEN 10218, BSEN 10223, BSEN 10244
Health and Safety
It is recommended that safety gloves, boots and glasses are worn at all times when handling this product.