Eco Fencing Gravel Board

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Eco Fencing Gravelboards

Transform gardens with stylish, low-maintenance composite fencing.

Composite Fencing has all the look and feel of timber without any of the hassle. Plus it has the durability of concrete without the weight and health and safety concerns. Composite Fencing consists mainly of recycled PVC-U, coated with wood composite, and comes with an amazing 20 year guarantee against rotting.

Composite Fencing is simple and easy to install, consisting of panels weighing less than 5kg that are slotted into place and stacked to the required height. Replacing wooden panels in an existing fence is simplicity itself: just remove old panels and slot into the existing concrete posts.

Available in width’s of 1.829m (6′) and come in a standard height of 300mm (12″). They can be easily cut with a standard hand saw.

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