Sitemate Ultimate Fencers Graft



Sitemate Ultimate Fencers Graft

This Sitemate ultimate fencers graft is a heavy duty digger and a metal fencing spade for digging out post holes. Fencers grafts are designed to save upper body movement and avoid bending when digging and helps create a more efficient digging technique. The Sitemate fencing graft has a sharp hardened blade and toughened sleeve at that bottom of shaft for extra strength. Has a reinforced forged shaft to prevents breaking.


Size: 1680mm
Length: 67″ (1680mm)

Additional Information

Discover SITEMATE®, the newest of the Birkdale brands, offering a fast growing range of tools and fixings for a wide variety of trades. Quality you can trust – every single Sitemate® product meets Birkdales stringent quality standards, because they know the importance of reliablility. One of Birkdales newest brands, the Sitemate® range is constantly growing. From its humble beginnings as a small range of studding and accessories, the Sitemate® brand has now expanded to encompass a large product offerings. From a wide range of fixings to a comprehensive range of tools for the fencing trade, Sitemate® offers all the extras you need. Visit our Sitemate® category to see all Sitemate® products that we have to offer.


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