Red Brand HT 9/100/15 Tall Stock Fence 100m


RedBrand Tall HT Stock Fence Heavily Galvanised Heavy duty high tensile stock fence.

Taller stock fence is useful where a higher fence is required especially if barbed wire is not an option..

Overall Height (mm): 100 Top & Bottom Wire Gauge (mm): 3.2 Filler Gauge (mm): 2.5mm Roll Length (mtr): 100 Average Weight per Roll (kg): 79.0

Material: Galvanised Compliance with British and European Standards BSEN 10244 – Steel Wire and Wire Products Non-ferrous Metallic Coatings on Steel Wire part 2 – Zinc or Zinc Alloy Coatings to class A.

Available Quantities Each: 1 Pallet: 6

Health and Safety It is recommended that safety gloves, boots and glasses are worn at all times when handling the product.


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