About Eco Fencing

Eco Fencing Is Strong And Durable

Eco Fencing systems have the strength, in independent testing Eco Fencing proved it has greater tensile strength than concrete posts. The posts are deigned to be flexible and so absorb and dissipate the energy from strong winds. We recommend for fences over 6 feet tall a cement grout poured down the inside of the post to approximately waist height, this stops excessive flex. Concrete posts will not flex and can break in high winds and severe storms.

No Waste And No Damage

Eco fencing systems will not chip or crack like concrete posts and bases, this often occurs in transportation and installation. The gravel boards make excellent retainers.

Light And Easy To Use

At less than 5 Kilos for a 6′ gravel board Eco fencing is a pleasure to work with. Eco fencing is incredibly light, making general handling and transportation easy. A concrete gravel board weighs 56 Kilo’s!!!!!

Dual Faced For A Shared Boundary

All Eco Fencing products are dual faced giving you the perfect look to both sides, ideal for two neighbor to share the cost or for customers with a corner plot or a large front garden.

Simple Installation

Eco fencing systems are easy to install, whilst being incredibly strong, the advanced composite material is highly workable. The fence posts can even be cut to length with a simple hand saw and can accept screws with ease.

Health And Safety

Due to its lightness and ease of use, the health and safety risks ever present with concrete fence posts are eliminated.

Manufacturing Process

Please note as we are replicating the characteristics of timber, products will vary in shade. All these effects are normal and part of the manufacturing process and in no way affect the longevity of Eco Fencing. All photographs are for illustration purposes only and actual colors and shades may vary. Eco fencing will fade naturally, as does timber, and this in no way will affect the longevity of the product.

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